Project: Open Notes Picture Database (Managed by Christian Brandlehner)

Project Introduction
IBM Lotus Domino based Picture Gallery with IBM Lotus Notes Client front end10/09/2005 - Open Notes Picture Database (1.2.0)
08/09/2005 - Open Notes Picture Database (1.1.9a)

Total downloads (all releases): 6361


10/14/2004 - Complete Changelog 1.0.7 to 1.1Beta1
03/21/2004 - ONPD Documentation, March 2004
02/08/2004 - Installation and configuration of the ONPD database (.rtf version)
02/08/2004 - Installation and configuration of the ONPD database
02/07/2004 - How to use SameTime
10/18/2003 - Hall of fame

Feature Requests
11/13/2005 - Ability to import ALL pictures in one folder
11/02/2005 - comments and authors in html picture overview
02/16/2004 - Upload pictures via web interface?
10/09/2003 - Ability to show a BlogSphere story as text below an picture
05/07/2007 - No thumbnails for newly created galleries
07/25/2004 - Stars are not calced correct in all conditions

From the Project discussion
05/05/2008 - Cut down Version (Open Notes Picture Database)
11/23/2006 - comments counter in picture overview (Open Notes Picture Database)
04/13/2006 - great, but subalbum not working
01/26/2006 - Same error
12/27/2005 - Re: Picture descriptions
11/28/2005 - Re: sub-albums
11/28/2005 - Re: different look of ONPD from different brouwers

Project News (last 7 postings)
10/09/2005 - Open Notes Picture Database 1.2.0 has been released today. As I posted before, ONPD is going to be merged with BlogSphere. If there are any features you miss in BlogSphere but available in ONPD, please post a feature request for BlogSphere. Closing, (Open Notes Picture Database)
09/10/2005 - Did you know? The Open Notes Picture Database Template is now fully compatible with Blogsphere. You can replace your current design with the Blogsphere template. The difference between the two templates is just the Lotus Notes Frontend which has a s (Open Notes Picture Database)
03/04/2005 - An ImageMagick vulnerability has been reported. This is to notify you that the current release of Open Notes Picture Database is not affected. (Open Notes Picture Database)
08/10/2004 - Master Chefs vacation plans have been posted here: (Open Notes Picture Database)
02/22/2004 - Created a bulletin board discussion database: (Open Notes Picture Database)
10/06/2003 - Project idea approved as a project! (Open Notes Picture Database)

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