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Subjectnewer version of postgres DB and jdbc didnot help either
Created 11/11/2011 06:25 AM by cyrus mobaraki.
Modified<none> by Niklas Heidloff/Germany/IBM.

Hi Phil,

I have installed the new postgres database and also used newer version of jdbc but unfortuniatly  I am having the same proble,

Old DB

posgres version 8.3.6


New DB

posgres version 9.1.1



The runtime has encountered an unexpected error.

Error source

Page Name:/CY_JDBC_RowSetDatasource.xsp
Control Id: button1
Property: onclick


Error while executing JavaScript action expression
Script interpreter error, line=1, col=11:
Error calling method 'acceptChanges()' on java class ''
Cannot commit when autoCommit is enabled.

JavaScript code

   1: jdbcData1.acceptChanges()

Stack Trace



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