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   Project: Open Notes Picture Database (Managed by Christian Brandlehner)

Created 06/19/2004 04:57 AM by Ronald Veldhuizen.
Modified<none> by <none>.

The popup window works ok, the shadow pic's are also displayed. Only the original picture is displayed.
The html code looks ok to me. But as mentioned befoore, I think the orignal picture isn't saved in to Notes.
When I open a picture doc in Notes there are 3 pictures, a thumbnail, a larger picture and the orginal.
The thumbnail and the larger picture I can open in Notes, but when I'm trying to open (or view) the orginal I get the error : Note Item not found. When I look at the fields of the document I can only see two fields $File.
Hope this helps



Show details for No 'big' picture ( on 06/18/2004 03:17:14 PM )No 'big' picture ( on 06/18/2004 03:17:14 PM )
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