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Subjectthe information is there
Created 08/17/2004 09:40 AM by Christian Brandlehner.
Modified<none> by <none>.

Whenever I fix a bug or implement a feature I update the corresponding feature or bug document on

A request can have different stati:
- Submitted (new)
- Investigating (it is most likely that a task has been created to implement it)
- Added to app (the version number has has been added to the document and shows in the views)
- Rejected (nobody is going to work on this)

A bug can have these stati:
- Submitted (new)
- Investigating (somebody is looking for the root cause and/or a fix)
- Fixed (lists the version number of the release that shipped the fix)

Whenever somebody posts a document with more than one wish inside I am creating separate documents for each problem/request but I hope that people will avoid to do so in the future as this will save my time.