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The Mission of OpenNTF is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org. OpenNTF provides the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed.

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Cast, Counted and Audited - Here are the results of the OpenNTF Board Election!

Peter Tanner | 2:57:35 AM Thursday, October 2, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
The votes have been cast, counted and audited, and OpenNTF has a renewed slate of Directors, five of whom are joining the Board for the first time.

Member Directors:

                Serdar Basegmez - Developi Information Systems
                Jesse Gallagher – I Know Some Guys
                Christian Guedemann - WebGate
                Justin Hill – Prominic
                Martin Rolph - Oval

Contributor Directors:

                Oliver Busse
                Martin Donnelly
                Fredrik Norling

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all the candidates for their contributions to OpenNTF and their desire to see OpenNTF grow and prosper.

OpenNTF Election will end October 1.

Peter Tanner | 7:23:42 AM Friday, September 26, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Ballots have now been sent to representatives of each OpenNTF Member and to all OpenNTF Contributors.  If you didn't receive a ballot, please contact the ip-mamanger at openntf.org.

Votes are due by October 1.

The OpenNTF Vote is next week!

Peter Tanner | 3:09:09 PM Tuesday, September 16, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Ten people involved in OpenNTF's software development activities have decided to run for the eight Director positions.  Six are running for the five posiitons reserved for employees of Member companies, and four are running for positions reserved for OpenNTF Contributors.  

The vote will be held next week.  All people eligible to vote should have received an email with candidates statements.  If you haven't, please contact ip-manager at openntf dot org

Member Candidates' Statements

Serdar Basegmez - Developi Information Systems

I have been working on Lotus Software since 1999 and running my own business for more than a decade. My company, Developi Information Systems, provides a number of professional services mostly around IBM Collaboration Solutions. Beyond the business, I have always advocated the core technology by active participation into the community. As an IBM Champion, I have started the Turkish LUG, my bilingual blog site (lotusnotus.com), written articles for 'The View' magazine, presented in several conferences including IBM Connect 2013-2014 and contributed a number of open source projects such as XSnippets and CollaborationToday.For two years, I have been an OpenNTF Board member. We have always been the center of gravity for the developer community around ICS products. And as many of you noticed, OpenNTF is in the middle of a transformation. We are extending our organization with new capabilities to raise the value of our technology and the community around us. This is going to be difficult but equally exciting for all. I am nominating myself because I believe I have the experience and the passion for a change.

Jesse Gallagher – I Know Some Guys

I’m interested in running for one of the Contributor Director positions. I’ve been very excited about the changes over the last year and am further excited about the hints at future improvements I’ve seen; I’d like to do what I can to help make that happen. I want to assist in improving OpenNTF's procedures and infrastructure to bring it more into the realm of other significant open-source communities.

Christian Guedemann - WebGate

My first year as chairman of OpenNTF is almost over. The year was full of new ideas paired with an active board. It was a pleasure to work on several projects, meet contributors, vendors and influencers to make OpenNTF more popular than ever. But we are also in the middle of a transformation and it's no question that I want to remain onboard and steer the "OpenNTF ship" as captain thru this transformation. We have a lot of brilliant plans for more and better support to the community. You can read more of this in Justin Hills statement. I'm very proud that Justin has made it happen that we can use some of the Atlassian products. They are key for the processes that we want to integrate to OpenNTF. Always in focus that contributors can contribute high value software via OpenNTF to the community.

Justin Hill – Prominic

In my role at Prominic.NET, I have been actively involved in the infrastructure of OpenNTF for many years. Just recently, I have successfully negotiated with Atlassian so that OpenNTF will now have full access to JIRA, Confluence, and Bamboo products. This project alone is going to be a significant enhancement to OpenNTF's infrastructure. While of course Prominic will always assist even if we are not on the board, given our role in the hosting of the current environment and expansion into the new Atlassian products, I think it makes sense for me and my team to remain active on the board. This includes key members of Prominic such as Doug Robinson and Dinu Zabrauteanu who effectively support Prominic's role in OpenNTF with me. Finally, I think it best that there be some continuity in leadership over the years. There has been a fair amount of change in this election cycle and Prominic desires to lend continuity to OpenNTF's continued success, evolving board, and increased direction toward spearheading Domino forward with a more active and empowered community.

Devin Olson - Czarnowski

After 17 years of working with IBM Collaborative Software technology as a Business Partner, Open Source Contributor, and IBM Customer; I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the OpenNTF Board by representing the interests of an IBM Customer.

Martin Rolph - Oval

I'm passionate about Domino and have been following OpenNTF since the original discussion on Notes.net many moons ago. Last year I rewrote and redesigned the front end of OpenNTF but that always felt like a small part of what could be done and what I could offer. I got lots more ideas for the site and as a board member I know I could commit the time to make them happen.

Contributor Candidates' Statements

Oliver Busse

In the past, I have worked on CollaborationToday's website to improve it and have been involved in the processes to keep OpenNTF and the community around it working - and it was really a great time. Maybe you remember the conference calls we had. "We" are connected as our daily work will let us to do so. I admit that I am some kind of sad that the working on the projects seem to have quieted down a bit and I am also sad that some of the current members won't stand for another period.
To keep this really great thing working I offer my help and support now.  I'd be glad to participate to the work on all the OpenNTF projects, to improve things and to encourage others, who are not into it yet, to join us.

Martin Donnelly

I have worked on several OpenNTF projects over recent years as both a contributor and consumer, e.g. XPages Extension Library, XPages Toolbox, etc. I would welcome the opportunity to help organise and guide the organisation over the coming year and assist with its continued success.

Patrick Kwinten
OpenNTF is a rich environment for developers and administrators to express and share their ideas, hopes and believes regarding the IBM Notes Domino platform. Everyone's contribution is valuable and treated with respect. As contributor director I bring my experience from both Notes customer and ISV side to this great community.

Fredrik Norling

I'm an ICS consultant that has worked with IBM Domino since the mid 90:th both as an Admin and Developer. I work for a Swedish IBM Business Partner, QNova Systems with developing new XPage related software and cloud solutions. Most people in the ICS community probably know me better thru my blog at www.xpagedeveloper.com and also thru my Twitter account XPageDeveloper.
I hope to be an asset to the OpenNTF community by finding solutions and processes to increase simplicity and business values. So we get more Developers/Companies to share knowledge thru the community and use OpenNTF solutions in their daily work.

OpenNTF Board Elections

Peter Tanner | 1:22:02 PM Thursday, August 28, 2014 | Full Story and Comments

Nominations are now open for the OpenNTF Board Elections.  Several Board members will not be standing for re-election – so there is certainly room for new blood.  

There are five board positions open for Member Directors (those representing OpenNTF's member companies) and three board positions open for Contributor Directors.  Member Directors are elected for two years and Contributor Directors for one year.  

So, if you work for an OpenNTF Member company or if you are an OpenNTF Contributor, you can run for a seat on the Board.  

Nominations are open until September 15th.  If you wish to run, please send me a note with a candidate statement.  The statement, which will be circulated to the voters, should say why you think that you should be a Board member.

We will circulate the statements the week of September 15, and vote will be held the week of September 22.  

XPages RDBMS Support - Recent Improvements

Niklas Heidloff | 3:59:46 AM Thursday, August 21, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Below is a video from Brian Gleeson from the XPages team about improvements to the relational database support.

"In recent releases of the XPages Extension Library, there have been a number of changes and additions to the feature that supports Relational Databases in XPages applications. To ensure that the XPages community is aware of these changes and their impact, the XPages development team has created the video below.

The video is in two parts and each part covers the following topics:

Part 1
- The move of the XPages relational plugin from ExtLibX into the main Extlib branch and the  effects of this move.
- The addition of the new JDBC Driver Plugin Wizard feature in Domino Designer and how to use this feature.
- The addition of support for Apache Commons DBCP 1.4

Part 2
- A refresher section on how to set up and use the relational database support capabilities in XPages applications.  This includes examples that use IBM DB2, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server.

In summary,  the first part of the video brings you the most up-to-date information on all the latest improvements in this area. The second part serves as an up-to-date reference for anyone starting out with using this feature for the first time."

On OpenNTF: xspless - a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer

Mark Leusink | 4:10:00 AM Thursday, July 3, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
LESS (Leaner CSS) is a dynamic stylesheet language that allows you to use variables, nesting, functions (and more) in your CSS file. LESS files can be compiled into plain CSS file. xspless is the name of a new project that Jesse Gallagher created. It is a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer. From the documentation:

"This is an Eclipse builder plugin for Designer. By installing this plugin, right-clicking on an application, and choosing "Add/Remove LESS CSS Nature", it allows Designer to automatically compile LESS files to normal CSS versions. It matches two types: stylesheet resources with names in the form "foo.less.css" (because Designer automatically appends the ".css"), in which case it creates a file named "foo.css" next to it, and file resources elsewhere (e.g. File Resources or WebContent) with names in the form "foo.less", in which case it creates a new file next to it named "foo.less.css" (to avoid overwriting similarly-named normal-CSS files)."

In short: if you add a mystyles.less file to the WebContent folder, Domino Designer will automatically (when the application is "build") create a mystyles.css file in the same folder containing the compiled CSS version of the LESS source file. The download comes with the full source of the project: it also is a good example on how to extend Designer's build process.

A picture named M2

On OpenNTF: PC Config - easy inventarisation of hard- & software

Mark Leusink | 2:30:00 AM Wednesday, July 2, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Dominic Shields just released v0.23 of PC Config. This Notes client application can collect all types of information from the PC it runs on with a single click. It allows you to easily get an overview of the hard- and software in your organisation. Out of the box it shows you the collected information in various views (by OS, CPU, RAM, User, Drive space, etc.). It can also create (Excel) charts from the data it collected.

Examples of the information it collects are:
  • OS, CPU, RAM, Hard disk (usage)
  • Network drives and configuration (IP, subnet, DNS, etc.)
  • Installed software (information retrieved from the registry)
  • IBM Notes version installed
  • Internet Explorer version installed
  • Printers

Note that, as the name already indicates, this application runs on a PC only. The screenshots were taken using a Windows VM running on my Mac.

A picture named M2

Latest Release of XPages Extension Library Improves RDB Support

Peter Janzen | 12:14:30 AM Tuesday, July 1, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
The 7th 9.0.1 release of the  XPages Extension Library is now available on OpenNTF. Besides providing a number of fixes for existing features, this release focuses on improving support for using Relational Databases as a data source. First and foremost, the Relational Database plugin has been moved out of ExtlibX and into the main Extlib branch. This now means that when you install v901_r07 of the Extension Library or subsequent releases, relational database support in XPages will be installed by default. Enhancements to Relational Database support include the following

- JDBC Driver Plug-in Wizard in Domino Designer - This feature simplifies the steps needed to creates an OSGi plugin wrapper for a JDBC driver
- Improved Logging with RDBMS - Increased number & quality of logging messages for debugging the RDBMS support in XPages

Detailed information on Relational Database data source enhancements can be found in the Release Notes. These enhancements, along with the addition of the Apache DBCP support for connection pooling in the 5th 9.0.1 release, improve XPages developers ability to work with relational data.

On OpenNTF: ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company using IBM SmartCloud Notes

Niklas Heidloff | 1:51:58 AM Monday, June 30, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Shankar Venkatachalam and J. Rajendran have published a new project on OpenNTF, called SCN ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company. Below is their short description. Read the documentation to learn more.

"The tool is programmed to compare the Company directory and the .csv file(IBM SCN Vault users list ) to identify, how many users doesn't have their ID file on the vault on a single document . The tool will also identify user's whose ID files are not in the synchronization state , because of mis-match of password.

Customers need to create PMR with Lotus Support, to receive the .csv file that contains the list of users who have their ID file in the vault .

This tool will report the company administrators a list of users, who don't have their ID file on the SCN Vault database."

On OpenNTF: WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror

Niklas Heidloff | 1:48:04 AM Friday, June 27, 2014 | Full Story and Comments
Eric Morentin and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror.

"In IBM WebSphere Portal v8.5 a new extension point was exposed within the Web Content Manager (WCM) Authoring portlet to support replacing all HTML fields with a custom editor.

The extension works in the same way as all other custom fields of WCM. The extension is documented with a sample here.

CodeMirror is described on their web site as “a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.”

This sample includes all the files necessary to integrate CodeMirror into WCM and to deploy it onto your portal server."

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